Products & Services
Check out the other creative aspects of Morsel Confections. There's no limit to the artistry of making your event a unique and memorable experience!
Custom Table Decor
Customized chalk boards are all the rage now for any event. Hand drawn signage is available for a nominal fee. Order your sign through Morsel or purchase your own & allow Morsel to personalize it.
Artistic Pies    $25
Let no one go without a piece! At 12" across you will be sure to please all with these handcrafted, delishious pies!
Pecan                           Pumpkin
Caramel Apple        Apple
Apple-Cranberry   Blueberry
Cherry Almond       Fudge Crisp
Peanut Butter        
Custom, hand-made, toppers for cakes and cupcakes are available to order. Prices vary depending on detail. No limit to design!
Call for a quote!
  Delivery only $25
Phoenix metro area only- some exclusions apply
Delivery and setup $50
Rental of linens, votives, trays,
platters, baskets & stands $40
Mailing of cookies and custom toppers only $15+